Creative Tariq Anwar Lg


Having spent 18 years at the BBC Tariq Anwar learnt his craft by cutting a huge array of programmes for almost every department. From the News department, to Music and Arts, to the History and Geographic channels Tariq worked on an extremely tight schedule, and the lessons he learnt in terms of storytelling, structure and how to make fast decisions were invaluable to his later work. Tariq has since cut a diverse selection of feature films and television dramas and has won and been nominated for multiple awards. His recent feature film work has included Law Abiding Citizen, The Other Man, Revolutionary Road, The Good Shepherd, Stage Beauty and Sylvia as well as American Beauty, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award, an ACE award and won the BAFTA for Best Editor. Other BAFTA wins include the television dramas "Oppenheimer" and "Caughton a Train", and nominations include "Summer's Lease," "Fortunes War," the "Monocled Mutineer," "Tender is the Night" and The Madness of King George.